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It’s not a card, is Logo techreo

Do your shopping, receive deposits, direct debit your payments.

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  • It's very simple, you just need your "ID" (INE)
  • Only for Mexicans

Keep your digital card in your wallet and if you need it, ask for your physical card as well

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You will receive a bonus in your digital wallet at the opening of your savings account, at the opening of your savings account at Consejo de Asistencia al Microemprendedor, S.A. de C.V., S.F.P. Logo CAME

*Restrictions apply

Zero complications

With the App techreo you can


Invest your money with excellent returns.

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Recibe Pagos
Receive payments:

Open the possibilities of your business and receive payments through our App.

Paga servicios
Pay services:

Pay your electricity, water, internet. Purchase airtime and data for your cell phone and obtain multiple benefits.

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Mercado sobre redes

Buy and sell products and service from Mexican entrepreneurs like you.

Ask for a loan:

Do you have a business, and you want to make it grow? Ask for a loan in just a few clicks.

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Your health, your family and your house are the most important things.

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Financial education to handle your business, how to care for yourself and more.

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All the financial services that you need, at the right time in just a few clicks.

With, collect, save, and more!

Your time is our priority, invest it in a valuable way with Logo techreo.

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